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The book-keeping - your tax auditor wants to see it - but you neither have the time or interest to move numbers forth and back.

We like to take this unfavorable work from you. With the newest, aknowledged bookkeeping software we create and keep your journal, which will be exactly ajusted to the needs of your business. Your fiduciary can get in contact with us directly for the interim or annual financial statement or we  supply you - in cooperation with our fiduciary office - a complete annual financial statement.

On request you will also get, weekly or monthly, the actual balance of your accounts so that you are always within your budget.

Value-added-tax-account we do ever so quick as the salary payment of your employees.

For the daily and weekly payments we work with the up-datest tools. The informations will be transmitted with telebanking-software or through internet straight to your homebank. You save time as well as bank charges and you can inform yourself at any time about the balance of your account.


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