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As a small or new enterprise it is not possible for you to engage a full-time employee or have you replaced during your holiday.

Nonetheless you do have correspondence every week which needs to be done. Hereby very important is that the content is predicative and the presentation identically and according to the new rules. So that in the end everything comes down to paper as you expect and wish for.

You give us the necessary informations and we do the tasks for you - while you can put your attention on your main duty.

Advertisments and press messages in the trade magazine or the daily press are important tools to keep your firm in the memory of your client or to become known. Also here we can help you with the creation of text or the design of the layout. Such publications must correspond with your firm philosophy, be informating and still be original.

Since your competitors do neither sleep it is important that offers, deliveries, commands, invoices, reports , requests or advertisment mailings are done and send at once. Also here BSB can support you competently.


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