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Time consuming correspondence with authorities and institutions is not always avoidable but very intensive. Requests or complains or inquiries to the Offices have to be made - all this paper work we are delighted to take from you.

Long years of experience with authorities and offices guarantees you that your letter or request will end up at the right place and due to a correct formulation will be handled speedy.

Would you like to design an advertisment? Do you want to sell something or are you looking for a temporary help since some time? Your club is celebrating an anniversery soon and this event shall be made public?

Such services we can do also for you so that you have more time for your main duties. You give us your exact informations and we send you some suggestions. Together we can then set up the defined advertisment, poster or letter for you and place it in the right media.

Tenancy contracts, heating cost accounts, notifications of contracts or managing of rent-deposits are ever so much part of our service as messages to your friends, colleagues and relatives, e.g. that you moved.

We would like to advice you.


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